Effective Lower Back Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Treat the pelvis as the foundation for the bones that are above it and consider this analogy. If the foundation of your house moves then the walls will crack. You can patch up or paper over the cracks, but you’ll probably have to continue to keep patching and papering until kingdom come. The solution is to underpin (and square up) the foundation so it can’t move.

Lower Back Exercises For Easy Relief

The lower back problems can be managed yourself and will help to save money and time with faster relief. Most of the people understanding lower back pain due to unusual positions or certain heavy exercises.

Complex bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves make up the lower back area and this part is adaptable to a wide number of functions and movements. This area is easily vulnerable to injuries because of the complexity of this region. Our modern existence accounts for most of the pains as we rarely find time for exercises. You can try some of the lower back exercises for effective relief from the pain. There must be a number of lower back exercises but it was so effective and useful.

Effective Lower Back Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

Initial exercise program

The initial exercises include easy to do ones like “ankle pumps”, “heel slides”, “abdominal contraction”, “wall squats” and “heel raises”. The ankle pumps are the easiest exercise that you can do in the initial stage of your pain. You have to lie on your back and move the ankles up and down. Repeat this exercise 10 times. This is one of the simplest lower back exercises that strengthen your lower back muscles. lower back exercises

Intermediate exercise program

After the initial program, you can start the intermediate set of exercises that are specifically designed back exercises for complete relief from the pain. This program includes “simple knee to chest stretch”, bent both the knees and bring one knee up to the chest by holding the thigh behind the knee. Hold it for some time and then relax.

Bridge exercise

Keep your arms to the sides when you begin the exercise. Keep your feet flat on the floor and bent your knees. Try to slowly lift your hips from the floor while contracting the hamstrings and butt muscles as you lift from the floor.